Most Commonly Broken Laws – Part 2


Most Commonly Broken Laws – Part 2

Most Commonly Broken Laws – Part 2

Welcome back to the Van Norman Law blog, where we discuss, educate, and examine an array of topics in the legal sphere. Last time, we observed some of the most common pieces of legislation that people find themselves transgressing. Buckle up (hey it’s the law! Plus, safety!) and let’s get into a few more.

Internet Piracy

The digital age has brought a level of connectivity that has changed the world. People can chat, learn, and share with one another all around the globe. Part of that ‘sharing’ has been a point of heated contention for twenty years now. Whether you call it file sharing or piracy, the truth is an immeasurable number of documents, books, movies, and music have been distributed over the web. It is a law that is broken every second. At times, people have no idea they are even breaking the law.


So far you might be thinking, “Well, I’ve certainly never used marijuana and I don’t speed!” But have you ever crossed the street perhaps not where you were supposed to? Have you run through the crosswalk as the red hand appeared? No one was around, after all. Jaywalking is another one of those little laws that is frequently ignored. Although police aren’t arresting every jaywalker, it does not mean you should undermine the law. Jaywalking laws have been implemented not only to keep pedestrians safe but also with drivers in mind.


Littering — fouling up the environment — is unfortunately all too common. Everything from leaving out busted furniture to throwing cigarette butts out the car window, placing waste in any space that is not a designated receptacle is littering. While to some people it may not seem like such a big infraction, the impact on the environment is detrimental. Aside from that, littering can come along with some hefty fines.

It is better both for your legal well-being and the environment if you are responsible with your trash.


Those have been three more of the more commonly broken laws. By no means does everyone break these laws, and that certainly isn’t permission to do so. Do right by the law and you’ll be doing right by yourself. Next time on the blog we’ll look at some more legal logistics!


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