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Incidents or Accidents at a Special Event in Arizona?

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Special Events can be a lot of fun! However, as drinking normally goes hand in hand with celebration, alcohol-related incidents and accidents are bound to happen. Van Norman Law is here to guide you through any issues you may encounter while attending Special Events in Arizona.


Deemed “The Greatest Show on Grass”, the Phoenix Open rolls into town providing spectators with a week-long extravaganza of golf, sunshine, and fun. Presented by Waste Management and The Thunderbirds, the Phoenix Open boasts an attendance of 500,000-800,000 fans of all ages annually.


The sale and consumption of alcohol are permitted at the event, making special event accidents and incidents a concern. Prior to attending the Phoenix Open, we suggest reviewing the event security policies available from the official website. These procedures are subject to change and we recommend checking back each year.


Although the Phoenix Open organizers promote a relaxed environment, there are rules that spectators should observe. Attendees are expected to follow laws for acceptable behavior, especially in regards to the consumption of alcohol. Anyone who breaks the law may face prosecution. Each year numerous fans are cited with violations at the Phoenix Open and it is best to seek professional advice to represent your best interest. Van Norman Law can assist you with charges including  DUI/DWI, Drunk and Disorderly, Drug Offenses and more.


Generally occurring around the same time of year, the infamous Barrett Jackson car auction brings the rarest, high-value vehicles to the Valley and in turn, large crowds of admirers. Attendees can browse cars available for auction while also enjoying cocktails sold by popular liquor brands and local bars. Again, with alcohol consumption comes the concern for Special Event Accidents and Incidents. Whatever it may be DUI/DWI, Public Intoxication, Accident or Personal Injury Van Norman Law will defend your right and get you the minimal consequence possible.


No matter what the Special Event, call Van Norman Law immediately after an arrest for a confidential evaluation of your case.


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