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Criminal Damage Attorney in Arizona

Damaging or defacing another person’s property is a significant crime in Arizona. If you have been charged with criminal damage anywhere in Arizona, your first step should be contacting a reputable, experienced criminal defense attorney well-versed in Arizona law, such as Van Norman Law.


Criminal damage defendants could face misdemeanor charges and even felony charges, depending on the type of property that was damaged. If convicted, you might have to pay large fines as well as the cost of repairs, and you might have to serve prison time as well.


Arizona Criminal Damage Laws

Arizona law ARS 13-1602 states that a person commits criminal damage by:


  • Damaging or defacing another person’s property
  • Tampering with another person’s property in an attempt to diminish its function or value
  • Damaging or tampering with the property of a utility company
  • Parking a vehicle in a way that deprives livestock of access to water
  • Applying graffiti on another person’s property


Arizona law ARS 13-1604 covers the following aggravated criminal damage crimes:


  • Damaging a religious property or place of worship
  • Harming a school or educational building
  • Damaging the property of a cemetery or mortuary
  • Tampering with or damaging a construction, utility, or agricultural site with the intent of stealing metal


For crimes under both ARS 13-1602 and ARS 13-1604, the penalties depend on the economic value of the damage incurred. The higher the damage amount, the worse the potential penalty.


  • Under ARS 13-1602, damages of less than $1,000 carry misdemeanor charges, while damages over $1,000 carry Class 4 to Class 6 felony charges.
  • All crimes under ARS 13-604 are felony charges, regardless of the damage value amount.


Consult a Criminal Damage Attorney in Scottsdale

If you or a loved one were wrongly accused of criminal damage in Scottsdale, you need a qualified criminal defense lawyer who has your back. The expert team at Van Norman Law has over 30 years of experience defending criminal cases in Arizona. Call us today to talk about your case, your options, and the best course of action to get your charges reduced or dropped.

Being involved in a civil matter or having a criminal charge brought against you can be scary. At Van Norman Law, we understand that your future may depend on the outcome of your case. Trust our legal team to help defend your rights. Contact us today to receive a free consultation.


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