7 of the Most Dangerous Driving Habits (Part Two)

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7 of the Most Dangerous Driving Habits (Part Two)

Welcome back to the Van Norman Law Blog, where today we will be looking at part two on our series of the 7 of the most dangerous driving habits. To quickly review, in our last post we covered the importance of following the speed limit, buckling your seatbelt, and maintaining your tires. Every bad driving habit that you eliminate will go a long way towards keeping you safe on the road. Now, let’s look at four more dangerous habits you should be eliminating.

4. Failure to Yield

Yield signs are there for a reason; to keep you safe! You have seen them before, right? Those yellow upside-down triangular signs that say YIELD in big block letters? When you see a yield sign, you should slow down, look both ways, and wait for traffic to clear before proceeding. Remember, through traffic always has the right of way.

5. Aggressive/Reckless Driving

Essentially, aggressive or reckless driving increases your chance of causing an accident. It is important for you and other drivers to be able to communicate on the road peacefully. When everyone can anticipate the actions of everyone else, it is easier to avoid collisions. Under no circumstances should you drive aggressively or recklessly.

6. Following too Close

Following too close, or tailgating does not save time. It doesn’t get you to your destination any quicker. Nor does it ease the flow of traffic. What it does do, is put you and other drivers at risk. Follow at a reasonable distance and at a reasonable speed.

7. Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is the leading cause of traffic-related fatalities. Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to control a motor vehicle. Under no circumstance is it EVER okay to drink and drive.

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