Weird Arizona Laws

lion hunting camels

Weird Arizona Laws

Weird Arizona Laws

Have you ever heard about any weird Arizona laws that have made you tilt your head in disbelief? We definitely have. Here are some of our favorite weird Arizona laws that are sure to make you laugh or question the state’s history! Keep in mind that although some of these have been enforced historically, the vast majority of them are no longer considered legitimate.

Donkeys can’t sleep in bathtubs — This old law is a little weird for a number of reasons. Why would a donkey be in your house in the first place, let alone the bathtub?

Hunting camels is prohibited — Wait, we have camels roaming around Arizona?! Maybe this law was put in place because our climate is similar to that of the Middle East, where camels roam around everywhere. But I guess we’ll never know the logic behind this one!

Committing a misdemeanor while wearing a red mask becomes a felony — Hmm… we wonder if this ever became a problem on Halloween!

You will be fined if you disturb the cottontails or bullfrogs — Okay, this one might make a little sense seeing as it’s our responsibility to protect our beautiful wildlife. And this may also be considered, borderline animal abuse, depending on how much they are disturbed.

You must wash your entire body if you’re caught stealing soap — I guess this would only be beneficial if the soap-stealing culprit was in desperate need of a shower!

It’s illegal to ride a horse up the stairs of a county courthouse — If Arizona is known as the “wild west,” this old law definitely fills that stereotype.

Women in Tucson were forbidden to wear pants in public spaces — While there has been speculation about whether or not this law was a fluke, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was true if we consider some of the other laws mentioned in this post.

Elephants have to wear bells on their necks to warn nearby swans of their presence — Okay, what is this law? When have we ever seen elephants in Arizona, aside from inside the zoo or at the circus? This one has us baffled.

We hope that you’ve had a good laugh from this post! While the law is serious and must be respected, some of these old and bizarre laws can definitely draw a good laugh!

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