Tuition Refunds for Law School Grads

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Tuition Refunds for Law School Grads

Tuition Refunds for Law School Grads

Attending law school is an extremely trying endeavor. Law school entails three years of hard work and dedicated studying. It also comes with a very hefty bill. The Washington Post has reported that the average tuition cost for three years of law school is near $90,000. The financial burden on law school graduates is massive.

Student Debt

Student debt can follow graduates for up to 30 years. In addition to the cost of tuition, law students must also factor in three years of daily living expenses and the cost of interest which starts building almost immediately upon graduation. The job market for fresh graduates has been improving, but it is nowhere near ideal. Many unfortunate law students see themselves faced with a massive, growing debt, and no reasonable way to pay it off.

Tuition Reimbursement

The University of Law in the United Kingdom has decided that this rising problem must be addressed. Their solution: tuition reimbursement. Graduates of the University of Law who find themselves unable to attain gainful employment nine months after graduation will be eligible to receive tuition refunds of up to 50 percent.

“More than just a degree, today’s students want a clear return on their investment. For law graduates, this means one thing: securing a training contract or a full time job upon graduation. Our position as the preferred training provider to over 30 major law firms and our experience in training highly skilled law practitioners gives us the confidence and the assurance that our graduates will be in employment within nine months,” said University of Law CEO David Johnston.

Risky Proposition

Attending law school can be an extremely risky proposition. For that reason, class sizes have been shrinking, and graduation rates reducing. David Johnston believes that the University of Law has found a way to end this negative trend. He seems to believe that the pursuit of an education should come with rewards, not risks.

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