Tips for Law Students

Law book in library

Tips for Law Students

To make your way into any industry these days you’ll more than likely need a degree. Not only that but with competition rising across the board, having advanced degrees can be even more crucial. This is extremely important for law. After all, you cannot even practice law in the state you live unless you pass that state’s Bar Exam.

So whether you’re already a law student or considering pursuing a degree or career in law, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind on your journey…

  1. Never skip the reading assignments: In undergrad, you could get away with not doing a few of the readings for a particular class. And do not even kid yourself, we have all skipped a few readings here and there throughout those four years in college. However, law school is a different beast altogether. Law is a legitimate profession, where competition runs rampant. Not only that, but law professors tend to have a habit of calling on students at complete random to provide well-thought-out answers to the questions and readings that were assigned.
  2. Question everything, for any reason: One of the more interesting things about studying law is that many of the laws and cases that students read about have a deep, rich historical context in which the law was created or struck down. If you’re ever confused about the context in which a law was passed or repealed, never be afraid to ask your professor or teaching assistant. Not only will this help you to understand what you’re learning about, but it will also show your interest in the subject. You also might snag a few participation points!
  3. Keep up with current events: Even though you might be bogged down by reading assignments (keep pushing through!), it is pertinent that you are up-to-date on the most current issues involving the law in the United States. You’ll quickly learn that many of the basic concepts you are currently learning about have direct ties into current topics. Doing some extra reading will help to better understand some of the base concepts that might seem confusing at first.

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