Tips on Handling Wrongful Domestic Violence Suits

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Tips on Handling Wrongful Domestic Violence Suits

Being charged with domestic violence can be extremely frightening, stressful, and unsettling. Being wrongfully accused of domestic abuse can be even more traumatic. If you are found guilty, the legal consequences will affect every aspect of your life. In the state of Arizona, police officers only need as little as probable cause to intervene in a dispute. This means that even if your partner doesn’t make an emergency phone call, the discretion from a neighbor or friend is enough to prompt immediate legal action. The state also has a tendency to persecute domestic violence cases quite harshly, which is why it’s crucial to seek out a strong legal team.

One of the biggest mistakes people make, when they find themselves wrongfully accused, is thinking that they will not be able to find an attorney who will their case because no one would believe them. At Van Norman Law, we represent those who have been accused by current or former spouses, blood relatives/legal guardians, sexual partners, persons living in the same household, and many others. We suggest that you be mindful of the following tips if you have been falsely charged with domestic abuse:

  • Keep track of your arguments and confrontations. If you feel that your relationship is starting to change and you find yourself arguing more frequently and intensely, be sure to document these incidences. Keeping track of your personal experience can be used as a testament in your case.
  • Keep your friends and family in the loop. Even if you dislike talking about your personal issues to others, voicing your concerns to friends and family will help you in the long run. Not only can they attest to your character, but they will be more inclined to take your side and support you throughout a legal battle.
  • See a therapist. Again, even if you don’t like or believe in therapy, seeing one about your relationship issues can go a long way. Not only can joint sessions help to smooth out some of the issues you and your partner might be facing, but even going to sessions alone means that you cared enough about your relationship and sought help in relieving your problems. By documenting your attendance and using it in court, your case can be helped significantly.
  • Protect your passwords: Far too often do people take advantage of online profiles and post questionable comments or status updates. If you think your partner might file a domestic abuse case against you, be sure to change all of your passwords. Therefore, they won’t be able to breach your privacy and make posts that will tarnish your reputation.

If you have been or believe that you will be wrongfully accused of domestic violence, we strongly advise you to keep these tips in mind, and to call us at your soonest convenience.