Tips For Avoiding Drunken-Driving Charges

Tips For Avoiding Drunken-Driving Charges

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Tips For Avoiding Drunken-Driving Charges

There is little question that driving under the influence is a serious concern in our country today. There are some simple and easy strategies that virtually anyone can use to greatly reduce the chances of being charged with drunken driving.

Choose A Designated Driver

For example, one long-standing strategy that has proven successful over the years is to simply choose a designated driver. Deciding early on who will be doing the driving before going out is an excellent way to keep everyone safe.

Consider Calling A Taxi

A designated driver is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to avoid being involved in a collision or an arrest. As an added note, it is always a good idea to ensure that the designated driver does not drink at all during the evening. If this becomes an issue it may be necessary to consider calling a taxi or taking a bus. Taking public transportation or paying for a taxi is much less expensive than the costs involved with defending DUI charges.

Hide Their Car Keys

As an alternative, those who are sober and wish to prevent a drunk driver from taking to the roads can simply hide their keys. While an inebriated individual may become unruly, angry or bitter, the truth is that hiding someone’s keys is the best way to protect them from hurting themselves or hurting someone else.

Offer Non-Alcoholic Beverage Options

In addition, those planning a party can exercise a few common sense strategies to greatly reduce the chances of a partygoer being involved in a collision or DUI arrest. For example, offering a wide variety of nonalcoholic beverages is a great way to give people other options at a party.

Getting Home Safely

Equally effective is serving large quantities of food at a party. When an individual’s stomach is full the absorption rate of alcohol is greatly reduced. Having a full stomach can actually make the difference of someone being involved in a serious accident or getting home safely.

Set A Last Call

As an added note, another great way to reduce the chances of a partygoer becoming involved in an accident or being arrested for DUI is to simply stop serving alcohol well before the party comes to an end.

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