Tips to Deal with Stress in Law School

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Tips to Deal with Stress in Law School

Dealing with Law School Stress

Law school. What a wild, stressful, and rewarding time in someone’s life. And while you might be at the library tearing your hair out over your upcoming tests, homework assignments, and papers, it is crucial that you take some time for yourself and relax.

While this is easier said than done, the mounting levels of stress you might be feeling, especially with finals right around the corner, will not help you in the long run. It will only hurt you.

Here are some ways that you can relax and still feel prepared to tackle any and all of your assignments…

  • Breathe: This is real advice! Dedicating 5 whole minutes to step away from your work to sit by yourself and take a breath really does go a long way. If you take 5 minutes to breathe, you will find that you will be immediately more relaxed than before and that your mind will be clearer.
  • Eat properly: even though cramming your face with sweets and junk food is always tempting, especially on those very late nights in the library, they are not good for you and will not help you. Eating proper foods, as well as remembering to eat every meal as well as a few snacks, helps with your brain function. And if your brain is not functioning, getting all of that work done will seem like an impossible task.
  • Enjoy your reading assignments: as a law student, you will read more than you ever thought humanly possible, in what seems like the shortest amount of time ever allotted. However, a tip to taking on all of this reading is to approach it as though it is something you actually want to read for leisure. Having the right mindset and approach to your work is key to being successful in both the short and long term. It will also help you feel less stressed out.

And our final bit of advice? Do not procrastinate.

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