The Most Common Driving Citations

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The Most Common Driving Citations

The Most Common Driving Citations

A vast majority of drivers have had at least one run-in with ol’Johnny Law. It may have been a minor incident, such as a simple speeding ticket, or something more major that resulted in an accident. Statics show that drivers with absolutely spotless driving records are in the minority. No one wants to be cited for a driving violation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Knowing what the most common driving citations are may help you avoid them while you are out on the road.

Speeding – Speeding tickets are among the most common of those given out by officers. Speeding is nearly ubiquitous, with violators ranging from 95 year-old grandmas to fresh faced 16 year-old high school students. Avoiding speeding tickets is also a simple process, just keep from exceeding posted speed limits!

Running lights and stop signs – Drivers who are in a rush typically don’t mind pushing the limits of changing traffic lights. They burn yellow lights and roll through stop signs… and cops catch them. Officers keep a sharp eye out for light runners and stop sign rollers. As long as you come to a complete stop at signs and begin slowing down for yellow lights, you should be able to avoid these tickets without a problem.

Distracted driving – The enforcement of distracted driving laws is becoming an increasingly large point of emphasis for officers. Accidents involving distracted drivers are on the rise and their consequences are often catastrophic. Drivers should keep their eyes on the road and off of potential distractions. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook sure are interesting, but they will still be there in 15 minutes when you arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, Instagram updates won’t reach you beyond the grave.

Focusing on avoiding these three common citations will go a long way towards keeping your driving record clean and your wallet full!


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