The Dangers Of Leaving A Child Alone In A Car

The Dangers Of Leaving A Child Alone In A Car

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The Dangers Of Leaving A Child Alone In A Car

During the summer months and in many cases even during the winter months one of the most dangerous things anyone can do is leave a child alone in a car. In fact, many serious injuries and deaths have occurred in recent days (as has been evident in the news) for this very reason. Even with the windows open, an automobile’s internal temperature can rise dramatically above the outside air temperature in the matter of minutes.

Keep The Keys Hidden

Parents can stay proactive when it comes to keeping children out of a car by always keeping the doors locked and the keys hidden. There are even many accidents in the past where children have wandered into a vehicle and locked themselves inside with no way out. Most importantly, it is a good idea to teach children safety practices and the importance of never entering a car without a parent present. There have also been a number of cases where parents have simply forgot that a child was in the backseat when they were rushing around running errands.

Call 911 Immediately

The consequences of this kind of mistake can be catastrophic and that is why it is so important to exercise extreme caution in this regard. Any time a bystander sees a child locked inside a car it is essential to call 911 immediately. In some extreme cases, bystanders have actually broken the windows of a vehicle to save a child from impending danger. Another proactive approach to preventing this type of tragedy is to always be aware of where children are at all times. Many serious dangers lurk around a typical home.

No One Should Ever Become A Statistic

From an unattended pool to an unlocked car, there are many hazards that can be a serious threat to young children. Anytime a child goes missing for more than just a few minutes it is important to check the pool, check automobiles and check other areas where danger may be present. No one should ever become a statistic and that is why it is so essential to take these simple tips seriously. Summertime can be a wonderful time of the year, but it can also bring with it a serious danger in the form of excessively high temperatures that can rise rapidly in an automobile.

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