Thanksgiving Safety Tips (Part 1)

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips (Part 1)

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for a number of reasons. Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving Dinner! With pounds of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, who doesn’t love the holiday? It is always such a joy to share this delicious meal with your closest family and friends.

Although Thanksgiving is supposed to be a fun and memorable day for you and your loved ones, Thanksgiving is extremely dangerous in regard to the prevalence of auto accident in the country. Some studies have found that Thanksgiving is even more deadly than New Year’s Eve.

So how can you better protect yourself and loved ones this Thanksgiving? Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Cut back on the Turkey: Even though turkey is pretty much the main food that everyone eats on thanksgiving, eating too much can make you become extremely sleepy. While there are arguments as to whether or not tryptophan actually affects your body, eating too much of anything all at once can make anyone tired, naturally occurring chemicals or not. So this year, maybe cut back on the amount of food you decide to consume. Besides, there will be plenty of days for you to eat all of the left overs!
  • Schedule an early dinner: Instead of having everyone sit down at 7PM for the meal, try to have everyone over early to eat an early meal. Not only will this let everyone get to the food faster, it also means that people won’t be staying over as late. So, in theory, people who plan for an early dinner would be driving somewhere to eat before rush hour traffic, and would also be driving home before all of the drunk drivers hit the road.
  • Have a sleepover! Even though spending the night at someone’s house is mostly associated with being in elementary school, adults can do it too! Rather than taking a risk of driving in the dark with the potential of drunk drivers being on the road, make some space for your guests to spend the evening or plan to stay out for the night. Unfortunately, people with smaller living spaces can’t really accommodate for large groups, but safety should be everyone’s first concerns when scrumptious food and copious amounts of alcohol are being served.