Teaching Children To Be Good Pedestrians

Teaching Children To Be Good Pedestrians

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Teaching Children To Be Good Pedestrians

Being a safe pedestrian means being aware of surrounding traffic conditions and proper protocol when walking near and on roads and streets. Children should be taught early that it is important to always wear a helmet while riding a scooter, skateboard or bicycle. This is a key consideration to take into account especially if a fall were to occur. Many lives have been saved over the years because of a simple and inexpensive piece of gear known as a helmet.

Highest Levels Of Safety

It is also essential to teach children to be aware of oncoming traffic when crossing a street. Looking both ways and making eye contact with drivers who are stopped at an intersection is essential to ensuring the highest levels of safety. Another key strategy that is often overlooked and that can easily be taught to children is to move quickly across an intersection rather than lingering or moving slowly. The less time in an intersection, the less chances of there being any type of contact between a vehicle and a child. School children should be instructed to only cross the street when a crossing guard is present.

Teach Children To Always Be Alert

Parking lots can be another area where accidents and injury can occur. Young children do not have the skill, judgment for understanding to avoid vehicles in a parking lot environment. That is why it is important for adults to teach children to always be alert and aware of traffic in a parking lot. Teaching that white lights indicate that a car is backing up can easily prevent an accident. Even teaching that certain sounds indicate that a vehicle is moving can potentially save a life.

Carried Into Adulthood

Teaching the basics when it comes to traffic safety and leading by example can instill good safety practices in children that will be carried well into adulthood. As a final note, children should be instructed to never cross a street or roadway between parked cars. Drivers moving swiftly down the road can be caught off guard when someone darts out from between parked cars.

Consider these simple and essential safety tips as a way to keep children of all ages safe when walking or riding a bicycle near roads, highways and streets.

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