Speeding Offenses in Arizona

Speeding Offenses in Arizona

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Speeding Offenses in Arizona

Many drivers are unaware of the fact that there is more than one different form of speeding ticket that can be received as a result of driving in excess of the legal speed limit. Speeding violations are separated into two distinct categories: criminal speeding and standard civil speeding violations. Some states even have felony speeding violations!

Civil Speeding Violations

Civil speeding violations are the most common form of a speeding violation. If you are speeding, and your excessive speed is somewhere between 1 and 19 miles over the speed limit, it is likely you will be cited for a standard civil speeding violation. Drivers who have been cited for a civil speeding violation face a number of reasonable options for coming to terms with their ticket. The driving school will waive the ticket fee, and once a year it can be used to remove points from your driving record. However, the driving school does come with a modest cost, so speeders won’t get off entirely scot-free. Alternatively, speeders can pay the fine or attend a hearing in court.

Criminal Speeding Citations

Criminal speeding citations can be given out in situations where a driver exceeds 85 mph, exceeds 35 mph in a school zone, or exceeds posted speed limits by more than 20 mph. These are the most common forms of criminal speeding violations, however, other violations do exists. Criminal speeding penalties in Arizona are harsh. If drivers are found guilty, their crime will be categorized as a class 3 misdemeanor. It is possible to be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail and accrue fines of up to $500. The Motor Vehicle Department will also add three points to an offenders driving record, which could result in possible license suspension. Don’t forget about insurance premiums! Drivers with criminal speeding tickets can expect to have their insurance rates rise.

Remember, speeding doesn’t pay. In fact, criminal speeding will have you paying the state government quite a lot!

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