Slip and Fall Compensation

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Slip and Fall Compensation

Slip and Fall Compensation

At Van Normal Law, our experienced attorneys deal with a multitude of personal injury cases arising in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. A common personal injury case we deal with is the slip and fall tort, which falls under the broad genus of personal injury. If a property owner’s negligence has caused you to fall and injure yourself, then you may be entitled to compensation for the damages caused by that fall.

Slip and Fall Tort

Slip and Fall, defined by the United States Tort Law, is a claim or case based on a person slipping, tripping, or falling. In order to push forth a slip and fall suit, it must be shown that the property owner was negligent. This comes with some difficulty. For instance, in law school students are introduced to the “banana peel” scenario. Imagine an individual grocery shopping at Fry’s Food and Drug and said individual slips on a banana peel and suffers a debilitating injury as a result.

The first element to consider is how the banana peel got there. If a customer carelessly eats a banana in the store, tosses it on the ground, and then shortly after an individual slips and falls on a fresh yellow banana peel, then it would be difficult to prove this tort. However, if someone slips on a banana peel that is brown and rotted, then a strong case will follow. This is because the brown rotted banana peel suggests that the banana peel has been there for quite some time. This is negligence, and therefore, the victim of the negligence is entitled to compensation.

What to Do If You Slip and Fall

First and foremost report it to the proper authorities and ask them for a copy of the report before you leave the premises. Secondly, seek medical help. This applies to all personal injury cases and it is imperative that you do so. Thirdly, take photos of the accident if you can. Lastly, and most importantly call Van Norman Law to secure you the compensation you need.