Simple Strategies For Avoiding Boating Related Accidents

Simple Strategies For Avoiding Boating Related Accidents

Man practicing boat safety

Simple Strategies For Avoiding Boating Related Accidents

Boating is perhaps one of the most popular pastimes in recent history. More people than ever before are taking to the waterways for sport fishing, leisure boating and a wide range of water related activities. With that said, there are some simple strategies for avoiding boating related accidents that every boat owner should consider. For example, staying proactive with regard to having the right amount of gas can reduce the chances of running out of gas. Gas exhaustion could lead to a potential problem. Getting stranded on the water is dangerous. Always have a working radio on board.

Know The Area And Carry The Appropriate Charts

Equally important is to avoid conditions and circumstances where running aground could be likely. Not only is this particular situation embarrassing, it can cause substantial physical damage to a watercraft and can even result in injury, loss of life and other undesirable results. Know the area where you are boating and carry the appropriate charts as a way to avoid unintentional grounding. Another key concern for boaters is the possibility of falling overboard. This is a dangerous situation that can easily be avoided.

Wear A Lifejacket

For example, carrying and using lifejackets is always the first line of defense for any possible falling overboard accident. Perhaps one of the biggest dangers of falling overboard is that of striking one’s head and becoming knocked unconscious. This is a recipe for disaster especially when a lifejacket is not being worn. Another dangerous situation associated with falling overboard is a runaway boat or watercraft. This could cause a dangerous situation not only for the person falling overboard, but also for others in the immediate area. Making use of an emergency cutoff switch with watercraft can eliminate this possibility.

Know Your Craft

While uncommon, there is another danger that should be taken into account. That is the possibility of a boat actually sinking. Striking an object in the water or improperly plugging a water drain can result in a watercraft or boat sinking. This is a dangerous situation that can easily be avoided by simply taking the necessary precautions. Various types of hulls are more susceptible to damage and sinking. Know your craft and know the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to hull damage and the dangers of sinking.

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