Simple And Effective Bicycle Safety Techniques

Simple And Effective Bicycle Safety Techniques

Bicycle Safety

Simple And Effective Bicycle Safety Techniques

Few simple joys in life compare to riding a bicycle on a nice day. However, there are instances and circumstances that can result in serious injury and even loss of life when a bicycle is not handled in the proper way. That said there are a few simple and effective bicycle safety techniques that everyone young and old alike can incorporate into riding a bike as a way to stay free of injury.

Stay Alert, Especially At Intersections

For example, when riding a bicycle it is always recommended to be alert and aware with regard to vehicular traffic that is in the immediate vicinity. Watching carefully and being alert to traffic movement can greatly reduce the chances of being involved in a bicycle and vehicle collision. This is especially true with regard to crossing at an intersection. A large number of accidents occur each year at intersections when bicyclists do not stop or do not exercise extreme caution. Being careful at intersections while on a bicycle reduces injuries and loss of life.

Make Eye Contact With Drivers

Another key concern with regard to staying safe while riding a bicycle is to always make an effort to make eye contact with the drivers of vehicles in the area prior to turning. For example, turning in front of an automobile when the driver and the bicyclist have failed to make eye contact can easily result in an accident. Exercise extreme caution and always be in the habit of making definitive eye contact with those operating a vehicle while riding a bicycle.

Always Ride In A Straight Line & Follow Traffic Signs

Equally important is to always ride in a straight line. Weaving or moving back and forth in an unpredictable manner is a sure way to be struck by a vehicle. It is far better to ride in an organized and disciplined fashion so that accidents do not occur. As an added note, bicyclists should always follow traffic signs and traffic signals. This also serves to reduce the incidence of accidents.

Use Hand Signals

Finally, using hand signals prior to turning just as motorcyclists and automobile drivers do can also increase overall levels of safety. This combined with riding a few feet from the curb can reduce the chances of a bicyclist losing control or falling.

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