Scheduling A Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney


Scheduling A Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney

Scheduling A Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime is a serious issue and typically requires a serious response. While people today have many choices with regard to a criminal defense attorney, knowing a few practical tips when scheduling a meeting with an attorney can go a long way in making the experience far more rewarding. Having experienced representation when charges have been filed is very important, most would agree.

Be Organized With Bail Related Paperwork And Even Police Reports

One of the first tips when scheduling a meeting with a criminal defense attorney is to write down everything that happened in the most exacting detail. Itemizing each event leading up to the actual arrest can go a long way in helping an attorney to better evaluate your case. In addition, it is important to be organized and bring all relevant documents to the meeting with an attorney. This includes anything to do with the criminal complaint, bail related paperwork and even police reports. Court documents and any other related legal paperwork should also be handy and available.

Relay The Most Accurate And Relevant Information

Another important concern with regard to meeting for the first time with a criminal defense attorney is to know what your personal expectations are going forward. Being able to communicate in a clear and concise way with your attorney what you expect to happen with your case is essential. Finally, it is crucial to ensure that your initial meeting with a law firm is with an actual attorney and not a paralegal or salesperson. This helps to make certain that the most accurate and relevant information is made available at the initial consultation.

Be Upfront And Honest With Your Attorney

Finally, making a detailed list of questions is a great way to know that all aspects of the case are covered. Often times, clients forget to ask key questions when meeting with an attorney. By writing everything down there is less likely of a chance that important concerns will be forgotten. As an added note it is vital for clients or prospective clients to always be up front, transparent and honest with an attorney. Attorneys are not meant to judge clients they are in fact simply meant to defend clients. Be upfront and honest with your attorney at all times.

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