Samsung’s Onslaught of Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Samsung’s Onslaught of Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you haven’t already heard, there have been major problems with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Despite this phone being one of the most high-tech on the market, the battery constantly overheats! This complaint isn’t a small, “my battery feels extra hot right now” type of issue. In fact, some Galaxy Note 7 owners have reported instances where the phone literally bursts into flames, or explodes in their hands or pockets. This defect has unfortunately led to some serious injuries.

For instance, a man by the name of Jonathan Strobel received second-degree burns on his hands and fingers, as well as third-degree burns on his thigh and leg from his Note 7 exploding in the pocket of his pants. Naturally, the man is suing Samsung for his injuries and compensation for his medical bills.

Individuals are not the only ones who have taken a stance against the new Samsung product. There have been many problems regarding these devices on airplanes, so the Note 7 is officially banned from all U.S. flights as of a month ago. This device is also considered a fire hazard. Prior to the ban, airlines were asking customers who owned this device to turn them off and store them in the overheard compartments. While this might be inconvenient for some, seeing as they’ll have to purchase a new phone if they fly frequently, it will certainly stop setbacks that airlines have been seeing. One of these setbacks happened on October 5th, when a Note 7 began smoking, and suddenly burst, prompting a full evacuation of the plane. Luckily, this happened while people were boarding the plan, and not during the actual flight.

Not only has this problem occurred with original Note 7’s, but it has also occurred in the refurbished models, as well.

You might be wondering, “what does this have to do with law?” Well, it has everything to do with law, and applies directly to the kind of cases that Van Norman Law handles on a regular basis.

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