Questions To Ask When Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney

Questions To Ask When Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney

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Questions To Ask When Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney

Clients should expect to be totally prepared when they meet with a criminal defense attorney when seeking professional representation. Creating a list of key questions is essential to ensuring that the meeting with a criminal defense attorney is rewarding and productive. For example, when meeting with an attorney it is important to ask upfront if the person you are meeting with will be the person that will handle your case. Clients should expect to talk with the actual attorney that will be appearing in court.

How Much Experience Handling A Specific Type Of Case

Another reasonable question that should be visited is how long a lawyer has been practicing criminal defense law in the state of Arizona. In the simplest of terms, more years of experience can work to a client’s advantage. Along the same lines it is also good to know how much experience an attorney has handling your specific type of case. The more experience an attorney has dealing with your particular type case can certainly also work to your advantage.

Planning And Goals Of The Case

It is also a good idea to ask an attorney what defenses they see as being potentially viable with regard to your case. It is wise to inquire with regard to any potential problems an attorney may anticipate regarding a specific case. Attorneys are trained to spot potential problems related to a case early on. Discussing these particulars with a lawyer and the options available is always a good idea. Discussing the strategy, planning and goals of the case are also critical to ensuring that the right decisions are made going forward.

Discuss Possible Outcomes

Most importantly, it is good to seek your attorney’s opinion with regard to what options are available and the possible outcomes regarding a case. In other words, getting a big picture of the case and what the worst or best case scenarios may be can go a long way in eliminating uncertainty.

Fee Structure, Payment Policy and Client Communication

Other important factors to consider include fee structure, payment policy and what specific services are included. Finally, it is in the best interest of the client to understand fully the client communication policy. Being able to stay in contact with an attorney during an active case is essential.

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