Highway Safety Tips

Time-lapse of traffic on City Highway

Highway Safety Tips

Highway Safety Tips

It is a harsh reality, but driving is an inherently dangerous act. Over 31,000 individuals a year are killed in automobile accidents. Accidents are, by their nature, always accidental. This means they could have been potentially avoided in some way. One of the most dangerous times to drive is when you are on the highway. In an effort to help you stay safe, we are offering a few easy-to-adopt highway safety tips.

Merge Properly

Merging onto the highway is one of the most dangerous acts you can do in a car. It is also something that is impossible to avoid if you ever want to really get anywhere. When you are merging onto the highway, make sure you are accelerating to the proper speed. If you are not moving fast enough, you will be overtaken by the other cars on the highway. This creates a dangerous situation for everyone involved. Once you have reached the proper speed, clearly signal your intention to merge. Check all of your mirrors, as well as your blind spot. Merge gradually to keep from surprising other cars.

Maintain Proper Speed

The speed limit will be posted ever few miles on the highway. It is of vital importance that you drive as close to this speed limit as possible. Excessive speeding always increases the severity of an accident. Additionally, speeding makes it more likely you will be involved in an accident. Speeding reduces your margin for error. It gives you less time to react properly in an emergency situation. It also makes it more difficult to perform a corrective maneuver.

Get Proper Rest

This is very important if you are going to be doing a long distance drive. Drowsy driving can be almost as dangerous as drunk driving. Drowsy driving inhibits your reaction time and may cause to you make poor decisions. Make sure you are getting the proper amount of rest before you drive. Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal.


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