Preparing for the LSAT (Part Three)

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Preparing for the LSAT (Part Three)

Applying to law school is a major commitment. It takes immense effort and dedication. While the LSAT is very important, it’s just one piece of the acceptance puzzle. Your GPA, letters of recommendation, and personal statement also play an important role in your application. Don’t become too focused on any one piece at the cost another. Time management skills are critical. You need to make the most of your study hours.

4. Develop Your Weaknesses

When you are doing well on practice tests, studying hardly feels like a chore at all. In fact, you may even find yourself having fun! However, if you begin struggling and doing poorly on a few practice tests in a row, or even just a few sections, sitting down to study can feel almost overwhelmingly miserable. It is important to push through this. The best test takers, actually focus on their weaknesses. They are comfortable with doing poorly on a few practice tests because they know it will make them a stronger test taker in the long run. For most test takers, the logic games section can be the most difficult, however, this may be different for you. Once you have identified which section you struggle with the most, make that section your focal point.

5. Enroll in a Prep Course

As we have previously discussed, structure can be your biggest ally when it comes to studying. One of the best ways to plug yourself directly into a structured study routine is to enroll in a LSAT prep course. Spend some time researching the different options, then select the one that seems the best for you. The organizers of these prep courses live and breathe the LSAT, making them uniquely well-equipped to help you prepare for the big day.