Modern Vehicle Safety Features

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Modern Vehicle Safety Features

For the last several years, accident statistics have been on the steady decline. It is not just the frequency of accidents that have been shrinking, but also the frequency in which accidents result in fatalities. In large part, this is due to revolutionary new high-tech vehicle safety features. Not only do these features help individuals avoid accidents, but they also help people stay safe even if an accident does occur. Today, we are going to take a look at a few of the best high-tech vehicle safety features.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Highway accidents are among the most dangerous types of accidents. The long monotonous miles of highway can be almost hypnotic, causing people to lose focus. Many individuals employ cruise control on long drives, which cause the vehicle to travel at a constant speed. Adaptive cruise control makes use of radar, cameras, and lasers to adjust speed in order to maintain follow distance, increasing the safety of cruise control technology.

Blind-Spot Warning

You can check your rear-view mirror and side-view mirrors, but still end up hitting another vehicle while merging because they are sitting in your blind spot. As with adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warnings use radar and lasers to monitor your blind-spot. If you begin to merge, and the warning system detects a vehicle, it will sound an alarm and vibrate, warning you not to merge.

Backup Camera

Who hasn’t backed into something before? Perhaps another vehicle, a garbage can, or a building? We have all done it once before. Many newer vehicles feature a backup camera, which activates when you put the car in reverse. A nice, high-definition image will show everything that is behind your vehicle, removing practically any excuse for backing into someone/something.