Improving the Lives of Lawyers Through Smartphone Applications

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Improving the Lives of Lawyers Through Smartphone Applications

In our last post here on the Van Norman Law Blog, we looked at two smartphone applications that can help improve lives everywhere. Today, we are going to suggest two applications that can be helpful to attorneys. As lawyers, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to become more efficient with our time. That is the focus of some of these smartphone apps that are improving the lives of lawyers everywhere.

Fastcase (iPad and iPhone, free)

Even in the modern world, doing research is a time-consuming task. It used to be even worse! Just twenty years ago, when a lawyer needed to do research for a case they had to go to the law library and spend time looking through thousands and thousands of pages of text. No longer is that the case. Not with Fastcase, anyway. Fastcase features a database of cases and statutes compiled from all fifty states. It also features smart search technology, which makes it simple to find relevant, helpful information. Research is made easy with the Fatcase app.

Cam Scanner Phone PDF Creator (iPad, iPhone, and Android, free)

The necessity to do research will never change, and neither will the necessity to do paperwork. Even as the world goes increasingly digital lawyers still leave a paper trail everywhere they go. Not only is this a big waste, but it also presents organizational complications. The Cam Scanner Phone PDF Creator alleviates this problem. It is especially useful for a lawyer on the go. All you need to do is center a piece of paper with your camera phone, and the app will create a quality, digital PDF. Finally, the legal profession is moving into the modern world!