Your Human Rights (Part 7)

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Your Human Rights (Part 7)

What are Your Human Rights?

Guess what? We only have three more human rights to go! Thank you for reading along! Here are the final three human rights put forth by the United Nations…

  • Article 28: This is a short article, but is quite impactful, nonetheless. To summarize, this article states that all people all over the world are entitled to international order, as well as social order. It claims that social and international order are met when all nations adhere to the articles written and agreed to in the declaration.
  • Article 29: This longer article split into three distinct parts cover a number of different topics, but all share the same theme of dealing with human beings. They are outlined in the following…
    • All people have a shared duty towards their larger communities, in which the development of each individual person must not be interfered with;
    • While everyone must enjoy the freedoms they are entitled to, each individual is strictly bound to the laws in the countries in which they live. The laws set forth by individual countries pertain to matters of sovereignty and are put in place to ensure the safety and security of that country’s citizens.
    • The laws that countries put in place should not go against the principles of the United Nations or of the Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Article 30: The final article in this declaration states that no government, group (legitimate or otherwise), or individual, may impede on the freedoms of others or write law contrary to any of these articles.

We hope that enjoyed learning about all of your rights granted by the United Nations! This group of countries have worked together endlessly to ensure that all people in the world, regardless of where they are located, enjoy the basic thirty freedoms that we just covered.

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