Your Human Rights (Part 6)

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Your Human Rights (Part 6)

Your Human Rights Continued

We are so close to being finished with this massive, informative series! We have covered 23 out of the 30 human rights thus far, and we are picking right back up with number 24 right now…

  • Article 24: All working people have the right to vacation, holiday, and time off from work. The article also states that they also have the right to paid time off in addition to unpaid time off.
  • Article 25: Deals with the living conditions of single people and families…
    • All people have the right to “a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family…” which includes access to social services for unemployment, disability, old age, and things beyond their own personal control;
    • Ensures that all mothers and children have the right to special assistance and care and that all born children have the right to social protection under the law.
  • Article 26: Dealing directly with education…
    • All people have the right to an education and that it should be free and accessible to all citizens of a country. Things such as technical and higher education should be accessible to all but should be granted based on merit above all else.
    • Education is not restricted to simple learning but should encompass overall personal, professional, and social development. Likewise, education should emphasize the importance of treating others with respect, dignity, and tolerance.
    • Parents and/or guardians have the right to choose how to educate their children, i.e. homeschool, private, and public school systems.
  • Article 27: Dealing with matters of socialization and community, the Declaration states that…
    • All people are entitled to enjoy the freedoms of participating in the “cultural life of the community,” as well as partake in events relating to the sciences, arts, etc.
    • All people have the right of protection to the moral changes and interests resulting from any publications (scientific or otherwise) put forth by an author.

To be continued…

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