Your Human Rights (Part 5)

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Your Human Rights (Part 5)


Welcome back! We are so close to covering all 30 of the human rights put forth by the United Nations! We don’t think you need any more introductions, so let us jump right back where we left off…

  • Article 20: This article deals with the topic of political dissent. Split into two parts, this article covers…
    • That everyone has the freedom and the right of “peaceful assembly and association;”
    • And also that no one can be compelled or forced to join an association against their will.
  • Article 21: Has three parts to it, which cover the following…
    • Every single citizen of a country has the right to participate and partake in government activities, one of which, is the right to vote for representatives;
    • Every person has the right to access any public social services provided by their country in which they are a citizen of and;
    • Elections will reflect the overall will of the majority in general via the electoral process. Voting shall also be free and fair, meaning that nothing illegal shall take place during the voting process to pre-determine a specific outcome or favor one candidate over the others.
  • Article 22: Dealing with how the government provides for its citizens, article 22 covers the idea that a country must provide its citizens with social programs in order to better provide for people at all levels of society. Likewise, the implementation of these social programs will help to ensure the overall growth and development of those belonging to lower socio-economic classes.
  • Article 23: For dealing with employment and the workforce, article 23 states that…
    • All people have the right to obtain work and must be protected against unlawful unemployment;
    • All people have the right to equal pay without discrimination;
    • All people who are employed in both the public and private sector have the right to remuneration in order to maintain their personal and familial lives;
    • People have the freedom to join workers unions for the protection of their own interests.

To be continued…

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