Your Human Rights (Part 4)

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Your Human Rights (Part 4)


Welcome to part four of this multi-part series covering all thirty of your Universal Human Rights instilled by the United Nations. In our last segment, we finished off with Article 15 which covered matters pertaining to citizenship. Let us pick up with Article 16 so that you can learn about some more of these human rights!

  • Article 16: Article 16 is definitely a bit stranger than the rest of the articles, and definitely reflects the time that it was created, seeing as the definition of marriage and what a lawful, legal marriage means has drastically changed. In effect, Article 16 ensures that…
    • Men and woman who are legally old enough to marry have the full right to do so, regardless of nationality, race, religion, etc. They also have the full right to start and maintain a family;
    • All marriages should be entered with the consent of both parties involved;
    • Lastly, the family unit itself is fundamental to the state and to society and is therefore protected under law by the state.
  • Article 17: Dealing directly with the rights of people to own property…
    • All people have the right to own property on their own or in the association with other people and;
    • No one can be denied the right to own property.
  • Article 18: This article states that everyone has the right to think their own thoughts, and have freedom of thought and expression of those thoughts. Additionally, it ensures that people have the freedom to practice their religion, as well as change their religious beliefs when they see fit. This also applies to being able to practice a religion both publically and privately.
  • Article 19: Similar to article 18, this article states that people have the freedom of expression in public and private settings. They can also practice and express this freedom without interference from others.

To be continued…

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