Golf Safety Tips

Golf Safety Tips

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Golf Safety Tips

Golf may very well be the greatest game of all time. Traversing breezy green landscapes with friends while smashing a white ball completely unfettered from worries and care is truly blissful. Indeed, golf is just another testament to human ingenuity, arguably rivaled only by mathematics and art. Golf can be a lifelong endeavor, a search for that perfect game or hole in one. Remaining healthy and nimble is essential to pursue these noble ambitions. Carrying heavy clubs and swinging golf clubs with immense force indubitably leads to injury. It is a joy to offer a few helpful tips that can keep you on the course every Sunday.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

Using a golf trolley or paying a bit extra for a golf cart may spare you an injury, and thus, keep you on the course. It is important to exercise caution when lifting a heavy golf bag. As a general rule of thumb, anytime you’re lifting a heavy object, you want to force pressure on your legs rather than back.

Watch For Stray Golf Balls

The word fore! just may save your life. Stray golf balls are often overlooked as benign and harmless, when they in fact kill several people a year. Be on the lookout for that hasty party behind you, who won’t think twice to smash a drive into the back of your head. Always show courtesy on the course and avoid firing warning shots at other golfers. Also, avoid crossing fairways while others are teeing up, or venturing into the woods without awareness of the other golfers on the course.

Practice Good Form

Lastly, working with a golf pro can help reduce stress on the back when golfing. Often, self-taught players know how to hold their own, but suffer in the long run from improper form. A few golf lessons can beguile medical bills and help propel your game to the next level.

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