Exploring the Habits of Excellent Drivers

man in a self driving car on the road

Exploring the Habits of Excellent Drivers

Would you consider yourself an excellent driver? Although you may think so, you may be classified more so as a “good” driver or an “adequate” driver. It may be hard to believe, but there are drivers out there who have gone their entire life without ever being in an accident or receiving a ticket. These “excellent” drivers have similar driving habits that may have contributed to their excellent driving record. If you take all of these habits into consideration, you too can become and excellent driver.
Follow Appropriately- Rear end accidents are among the most common. Excellent drivers are able to avoid these types of accidents because they follow at an appropriate distance. This ensures that they will have time to react if the car in front of them suddenly stops. At all times, they remain at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of them, whether they are on the highway, surface streets, or stuck in traffic.

Keep an Eye Out

Excellent drivers don’t just react to danger, they anticipate it. They watch out for bad drivers and do everything that they can to avoid them. They never take risks and they always practice the tenants of defensive driving. By constantly checking all of their mirrors, they remain fully aware of everything that is happening on the road around them.

Avoid Distractions

Really great drivers are incredibly focused. They avoid distractions at all costs. When they are driving, their cellphone is never in their hands. They also avoid loud music, eating in the car, and distracting passengers. No matter what is happening in their car, they always remain focused.

Communicate Clearly

Good drivers are in the habit of communicating clearly with other drivers. They do not make abrupt or rash maneuvers. Whenever they are changing lanes they use their turn signals and wait a few seconds before moving over. Excellent drivers never take risks. When they are in doubt, they always choose the safest option, rather than the fastest or most convenient.