Driving Without Your Interlock Device Will Cost You

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Driving Without Your Interlock Device Will Cost You

Arizona is a zero-tolerance state when it comes to DUIs. This means that driving even slightly under the influence can land you with a charge. In fact, a law enforcement officer does not even need a breathalyzer test to charge you with a DUI. 

If you have been convicted of driving under the influence, there are several actions you will need to take to get your license reinstated. One of those is installing an interlock device in your car. Failing to install one, or driving a car without one can land you in some hot water—it can also cost you a pretty penny in fines and fees.

What Is an Interlock Device? 

An interlock device is a breathalyzer that connects to your car’s ignition. To operate a motor vehicle with an interlock device, you need to first blow into the device and let it read your blood alcohol level. 

If you blow a negative result the car will start. 

If you blow a positive result the car will not start.

While driving for a length of time, it will require you to take random tests to ensure your sobriety. Newer laws require that there be a GPS, camera, and realtime reporting device installed along with the interlock. These are used to ensure that the person blowing into the device is the operator of the vehicle. 

Interlock devices require monitoring and checks from certified installers every 77-90 days. These checks are necessary to ensure that the device is in good working order and has not been tampered with. Because of the costs associated with the upkeep of an interlock device, they can be pricey to maintain. The total cost will depend on the type of car you drive, the interlock company you choose, and whether you need insurance on the device. On average, people pay around $100 a month. 

What Happens If You Are Caught Driving Without Your Interlock Device? 

The monthly cost and the inconvenience of an interlock device often leave people wondering about the consequences of not using it or driving a friend’s car. But in our opinion, the consequences of being caught driving without an interlock are not worth the risk. 

It is a class 1 misdemeanor to fail to follow the rules of a restricted license. Regardless of whether you have failed to put an interlock device on your car, or you borrowed or rented a car without one, you could face serious consequences

If you drive without an interlock device, you could be facing six months in jail and fines up to $2,500 dollars. These fines, however, do not cover the added expenses of a trial, court fees, or any restitutions you might need to make. All of these fees can add up to much more than the monthly cost of an interlock device. Getting caught will also mean spending an extra year with an interlock device. 

Driving without your interlock device and under the influence can result in another DUI charge being filed against you. Failing to meet the conditions of DUI charges, or acquiring multiple DUIs in a short period of time can be grounds to revoke your license altogether. 

The only time you are allowed to drive without your interlock device is in moments of “substantial emergency.” The emergency must be real, and you had to have made every effort to find another driver.

A Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Count On

Understanding the ins and outs of DUI charges in Arizona can be complicated. That is why it is important to hire legal representation if you are charged with driving under the influence or driving without your interlock device. The Van Norman team has successfully handled hundreds of Arizona DUI cases, and we will fight to secure the best outcome for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.





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