Domestic Violence in the Public Eye

Domestic Violence in the Public Eye

Domestic Violence in the Public Eye

Domestic violence is in the front of mind of the public since several allegations stemming from certain National Football League players erupted in headlines across the country. But this crime is more often kept behind closed doors when interpersonal relationships are in tangle.

Sooner or later, that private domestic life becomes public and legal action is taken.

Applicable Arizona Law

Domestic violence law in Arizona applies to various relationships, husband-wife, girlfriend-boyfriend, roommates, and even children. These laws encompass assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage of valuable property, economic abuse, emotional abuse, and violation of protective restraining orders.

If You Are Accused of Domestic Violence

Those accused of violating Arizona’s domestic violence laws are under public scrutiny and their side of the situation may be lost in the drama. Every story has two sides and it is the job of your defense attorney to ensure your side is heard and your rights are protected.

Possible Defenses

Depending upon the circumstances of the allegations, these are the possible defenses you may invoke.
Self-defense. This defense requires that the defendant has reason to believe an imminent threat existed and was not the initial aggressor.

Lack of prosecutorial proof. The state has not met its burden of proof.

The wrong person is charged. You must present evidence that you were not at the scene when the alleged crime occurred and have a viable alibi.

False allegation. The person accusing you has a motive for doing so, such as in child custody cases, and inconsistencies exist in your accuser’s statements according to statements of witness.

Consent of the victim. This is a difficult defense and is rarely used because it is problematic.

Your Legal Rights

Faced with a stigma and perhaps already convicted in the public mind, you need an attorney who understands your side of the circumstances and knows from experience how the courts will likely respond, and to develop your defense.

Van Norman Law has extensive experience handling domestic violence cases and can protect your rights. Arrange for a free initial consultation at the earliest possible time.