Divorce Stats and Information

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Divorce Stats and Information

Facts About Divorce in the US

Once you hit the age of 25, you’ll quickly learn that things begin to change. Not only are you getting older, but you might be noticing more and more of your friends settling down into their relationships, buying homes, having children, and getting married. Whether you’re one of those people or not doesn’t matter. But what does matter is knowing where you might stand in relation to the rest of the country, especially in terms of divorce rates and what follows afterward.

Here are just a few interesting facts regarding divorce in the United States…

  • Up until the 1950s, the divorce rate was lower than 5%, which is quite interesting when you take into account the fact that more people were getting married at the time. However, this jumped up to a 14% divorce rate after the 1950s and steadily increased up until the 1970s where there was a boom in the divorce rate due to the passing of the no-fault divorce law during that time period.
  • Nowadays, it is estimated that nearly 39% of all couples in America get divorced. Even while the stats are going against you and your marriage, each marriage is subjective, nonetheless.
  • In a study performed by Bloomberg, a high divorce rate actually correlates with economic stimulation, particularly in the housing and construction industry. As more couples split, there is an inherent need for more housing to be built, purchased, and rented.
  • Additionally, divorce has a positive impact on the unemployment rate. If one of the spouses is the sole breadwinner in the family unit, a divorce forces the other spouse to find work in order to support themselves and their lifestyle. However, this still does not benefit women, whose capita drops by 15% on average once they are divorced and on their own.

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