Common Traffic Citations: What to Avoid

Common Traffic Citations: What to Avoid

Common Traffic Citations: What to Avoid

No one likes getting a ticket. It is a stressful, unpleasant, and often expensive experience. They happen though even to the safest, most experienced drivers. So what can you do to avoid getting these evil, little pink slips? Learn what the most common traffic citations are and how you can avoid them, that’s what!

Everyone Speeds

It’s true. Everyone speeds at some point or another. I speed, my grandma speeds, you speed, your boss speeds, even police speed. Speeding is illegal, we all know it, because we have all gotten tickets for it before. So why do we keep doing it? For no good reason really. Speeding 5-10 mph on a brief 15 min drive will save you only seconds. In stop and go city traffic it is even less effective at saving you time. Speeding may feel good at the time, but you know what doesn’t feel good? Accidents, injuries, death, speeding tickets. Our best advice is: stay the speed limit, avoid tickets, and stay safe.

Rolling through Reds

We are all careful drivers here right? We would never roll through a stop sign, or roll through a right turn on red without first looking, and making sure it was a safe maneuver. Well, if we want to avoid tickets and actually keep ourselves safe, we should start making sure we come to a complete stop whenever we see the color red. Cops are always watching for individuals performing so called “California stops,” in which they gently roll through a stop-sign after checking for traffic. Cars move extraordinarily fast, and sometimes you may miss one coming. Take a full second, and come to a complete stop for us will you? Your wallet, and your health will thank you.

Parking Tickets

This one should be mostly self-explanatory. Don’t park in places they tell you not to, even for just a few minutes. It isn’t worth the gamble. Sometimes no parking signs can be confusing, vague, and cryptic. If you are not sure on the exact specifics of a no parking sign, err on the side of caution. You may end up having to walk a few extra feet, but it will be worth it. Promise.

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