Becoming a Better Motorist in 2016

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Becoming a Better Motorist in 2016

Here at Van Normal Law, we work closely with accident victims, helping them to receive the compensation they deserve. Even though we fight for the rights of accident victims, we strive to help individuals avoid accidents altogether. As such, in today’s blog, we are going to provide you with a few tips to help you become a better motorist in 2016. Anything can happen while you are out on the road so it is important to always to be mindful of safety.

1. Defensive Driving Education

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to help you stay safe on the road. In a defensive driving class, you will learn how to best avoid accidents. There are a number of techniques that you will learn that can keep you safe on the road. You will learn to develop awareness and anticipation while driving so that you can avoid potential accidents. Not only can you utilize the skills you learn in defensive driving class to save your life, you may be able to receive a discount with your insurance provider for attending a defensive driving class!

2. Get Proper Rest

Drowsy driving has been proven to be almost as dangerous as drunk driving. What makes drowsy driving even more insidious, sometimes you don’t even realize how drowsy you really are! This year, make it a goal to get more rest. It will do you good!

3. Stay off the Phone

This should come as common sense, but statistics show that more and more accidents a year are caused by drivers using their cellphone. Stay off the phone. Stay safe!

Bonus Tip: Reassess Insurance Coverage

This tip won’t make you a better driver, but it will save you money! It is good to reassess your insurance coverage once every few years. Perhaps your needs have changed or you may have improved your driving record which could help you obtain a better rate. Don’t be afraid to shop around for a lower premium. You will never get a better deal if you don’t look.