About Work Place Harassment: Part Two

About Work Place Harassment: Part Two

About Workplace Harassment: Part 2

Now that we have learned exactly what harassment is, we can start talking about the specific types of harassment and get a little more in depth. Harassment is also closely associated with discrimination and sometimes it is important, especially legally, to take note of the differences. So what are some of the most common forms of harassment?

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take on a number of forms. As depicted in popular culture, and across the media, sexual harassment seems always to take place with a man being the harasser and a woman being the harassed. This is a misrepresentation of sexual harassment. It can occur between any two individuals, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment can be extremely overt, or rather subtle. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if subtle sexual harassment is occurring, if you are not the direct victim. It is always best to seek help if you feel you are the victim of sexual harassment. Seek out legal counsel and protect yourself.

Harassment Based on Age

Harassment based on age is prohibited based on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This means that anyone, regardless of age, needs to be given fair and equitable working conditions. Someone cannot be kept from obtaining, holding, or being successful in a job because of their age. As long as they are able to perform a job to a specified, universal standard, their age cannot be held against them.

Disability Harassment

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects individuals form being harassed based on a disability. This is another type of harassment that can be extremely overt or subtle. A Florida court has also ruled that “fat jokes” directed at employees are categorized as a form of disability harassment.

If you feel like you have been subjected to harassment of any form, it is best to contact a lawyer and seek legal representation. Everyone has the right to an equitable work place. Make sure your rights are protected.