5 Most Common Crimes in the US

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5 Most Common Crimes in the US

5 Most Common (Popular) Crimes in the U.S.

Crimes are committed every single day, but we never hear about the vast majority of them because the vast majority do not need any national attention. For the most part, popular crimes are not of an extreme nature. Not to say that the crimes that are committed are not worthy of attention, but robbery does not equate to murder.

Regardless of the intensity and severity, did you know that a crime is committed every 25 seconds or so? While this might seem quite appalling at first, it is unfortunately not surprising for those working in law enforcement or in the law.

Wondering what the most common crimes committed in the United States actually are?

  • Do you know which are the most frequently committed crime in the united states?
  • Do you know the most common Crimes in the USA?

Here is the list in order of most to least common:

1. Theft & Larceny

Making up nearly 60% of all crimes committed within one given year, larceny and theft affect an estimated 7 million people every single year!

2. Burglary

As the second most committed crime in the United States, burglary makes up a whopping 18% of all crimes committed within one year.

3. Motor Vehicle Theft

Even though Grand Theft Auto is just a video game, vehicle theft is extremely present in this country. In fact, motor vehicle theft accounts for 10% of all crimes committed within one year, which is why it is important to always lock your car and have a functioning alarm system attached to it! It is also a good idea to never leave valuable items in your vehicle, and if that cannot be avoided, taking extra precautions to shield them from visibility.

4. Aggravated Assault

Unfortunately, aggravated assault is quite common in the United States, and is the 4th most common crime committed on a daily basis. Accounting for 7% of crimes committed within one year, aggravated assault is defined by one person causing serious injury to another, sometimes putting their lives at risk of death.

5. Robbery

While robbery might seem like the most common to those who don’t know the stats, it is only the 5th most committed crime in the country.

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